A quick guide to small weddings and solemnisations in Singapore!

Solemnisations, Intimate Weddings

Quality over quantity. This phrase applies to weddings too! I get so excited when couples reach out saying that they are having a solemnisation or an intimate(small) wedding. Such ceremonies are so light-hearted, and allows you to hang out with close friends and families without the need of going table to table in a ballroom setting. The emotional connection on the day itself is much stronger than that in a ballroom setting, which is an important aspect of your big day!

What It Looks like

Set Up The Location

After choosing your favorite location, it is important that you have vendors or friends that can help you bring your wedding to life. They can help by tying bouquets of flowers to the chair, ensuring that every one person receives a door gift, etc. While you are preparing for your big day either at home or in a makeup room at the venue.


Get Married!

The most emotional part of the day for you. Friends and family cheering as you walk down the aisle, say your vows to each other, and start this journey together. You're living your dream wedding now. Remember to not only enjoy the moment but also bask in the love and joy your friends and family have you!


The After Party

After the ceremony, you can choose to enjoy this beautiful location you have chosen. Gather with friends and family to captures some great memories of this location. If you prefer to enjoy the place with your partner, that's fine too! Imagine living this dream of a wedding; take this chance to soak in the atmosphere and entrench it deeply in your collection of fond memories.


Possible locations for your small weddings and solemnisations in Singapore