Couple Session at Gardens by the Bay

Lionel and Huili were about to get married a month after this shoot. I thought it would be perfect if I could capture their love adventure properly before their big day. We decided to have our adventure at People’s Park Complex at Chinatown as well as Gardens By the Bay. The goal was to catch sunset at Gardens By the Bay, how cool is that! The view atop People’s Park Complex was phenomenal. It provided a big playground for us to use as there was catching involved, interesting interpretations of prompts and of course, a bunch of laughter as well!   As the timing before the sunset was still long, we decided to head to Millennial Walk to grab a coffee. We shared about our past shoot experiences, expectations from each shoot as well as how to make the shoot better as well. When the time was approaching sunset, we headed to Gardens by the Bay for our sunset shot. Huili also introduced a special location which took me by surprise because I had no idea that such a place existed in the Gardens.   The clouds were covering the sun and much to our disappointment, we weren’t able to get the shot we wanted. But on the other hand, we spent more time exploring the area and finding good spots to shoot at until it started to rain. All in all, despite the weather not being cooperative, it was still a fun session and the most memorable part for me would not be the shooting, but the coffee we had at Millennial Walk. Congratulations to these two and I wish you unending happiness!