Couple Session in Tiong Bahru

When we were discussing about shoot locations, Gardens by the Bay and Tiong Bahru were the two outstanding choices. Gardens by the Bay is a site that is known by many photographers and is also a common photography ground. Thus, I suggested the unconventional and unique Tiong Bahru area.

It was my first time shooting at Tiong Bahru as well and the whole area really gave off a retro vibe. It had a unique taste of architecture as well as its fair share of eateries. Playing with the unique architecture was really cool and I am sure they had fun exploring this less-explored area of Tiong Bahru as well. As the sun was setting, the building that we were shooting at had a perfect view of the estate and the setting sun just made the view even more spectacular. We spent a good amount time soaking in the atmosphere and admiring the sunset on this beautiful estate.  

It was a memorable shoot as we were able to explore Tiong Bahru together while talking about life as well. The environment was very unique and it suits a couple like them – because they are unique in their own way too!